Sam Nabi



Holding academic qualifications within the fields of Science and Real Estate Management, the procurement of energy efficiency has been the center point of his career.

With the implementation of the Kyoto protocol, Sam has spent a vast part of his career overlooking the application of energy efficiency measures being rolled out across the private sector. In a simultaneous bid to moderate consumer carbon footprints whilst helping to reduce household bills for less affluent residents, he has worked tirelessly to deliver multiple government backed financial schemes and incentives to families facing financial difficulties. This has inspired him to ensure all members of society are able to benefit from any government assistance in a bid to improve the standard of living in the UK and Ireland.

Sam is an avid fan of applied sciences and how technological advancements are being utilized for energy sustainability and environmental preservation within the motor industry.

His dream is to one day discover a vehicle with the environmental impact of an Ev but the character of a naturally aspirated combustion engine.