The World’s First Blockchain Initiative

For Government Backed Social Housing In The UK and Ireland

SOCIEUM will use the global power of society to solve the social housing crisis


Working alongside UK and Irish government bodies Socieum will deploy it’s Asset Backed SOCM utility token to address the housing shortage affecting millions of people


1.15 Million
families require assistance with social housing in the UK

91,000 people
on the waiting list for social housing in Ireland

61,000 families
are homeless and living in temporary accommodation

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How bad is Britain's homelessness problem?

Homelessness & Poverty in Ireland

Homelessness & Poverty in Ireland

Key Features

Asset Backed Utility Token

The SOCM token will be backed by unique social housing developments in the UK and Ireland.

Government Backed Schemes

All social housing purchased by Socieum will be leased to government bodies providing a AAA secure portfolio.

Blockchain Integration

SOCM token holders will be able to view all activity of their token ensuring transparency.

Global Scalability

The Socieum model can be implemented on a global scale through a continuously growing international network.

SOCM Utility Token Uses

Social Housing Development Programme

A registered company with legal endorsement designed to support Government efforts to increase the number of houses available to be utilised for Social Housing.

Mobile Shower Vans

The UK and Ireland’s first custom designed vans housing shower facilities to be used by homeless individuals and families facing financial difficulties.

Mobile Laundry Vans

The UK and Ireland’s first custom designed vans housing laundry facilities to be used by homeless individuals and families facing financial difficulties

Homeless Shelter Packs

Shelter packs will consist of a durable hold all bag containing essential products needed by individuals who are homeless. Socieum are proud to include an environmentally friendly bio-degradable plastic drinking bottle.

The Current Social Housing Crisis

According to reports published in January 2018 an estimated 1.15 Million families require assistance with social housing in the UK, with only 290,000 homes being made available.

This has resulted in over 700,000 families being placed on waiting lists for social housing for over 12 months, whilst 300,000 have endured a wait of over 5 years.

Some 61,000 homeless families are currently homeless and residing in temporary accommodation, with this figure expected to rise to 100,000 families within two years.

To mediate this national shortfall, a commitment of 800,000 homes is needed at an astounding cost $130 Bn.

A Revolutionary Approach

SOCIEUM will present contributors with a unique opportunity to be rewarded whilst helping to resolve social problems.

Introducing the SOCM token marks a fundamental step in using technological advances to tackle the UK and Irish housing crisis where conventional methods have so far failed.

The SOCM token will be used to raise awareness and funding in a bid to increase the number of homes available to the public sector through the Socieum Social Housing Development Fund.

Further initiatives will include revolutionary mobile laundry vans, mobile shower vans and shelters packs to help those affected whilst using blockchain technology to offer unrivaled transparency never seen before in the philanthropy sector.

Token holders will be able to view data on the time, date, location and beneficiaries of the services deployed by Socieum.

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Token holders will be rewarded for helping society to form a mutually beneficial cycle; this is the SOCIEUM Success Cycle.



Q4 2017


Q1 2018 & Q2 2018


Q3 2018 & Q4 2018


Q1 2019 & Q2 2019


Q3 2019 & Q4 2019


Q1 2020

A group of Individuals discussed how blockchain technology could be used to help tackle current social issues, consequently SOCIEUM was formed.

Q1 SOCIEUM constructed a framework as to which social issues it planned to tackle and established partnerships with blockchain advisors to aid the implementation of its ideas.

Q2 SOCIEUM established communication and jurisdictional priority in Malta. Whitepapers and ICO model initiated.

Q3 SOCIEUM Malta Ltd was formed in accordance with the MDIA regulations and the Malta Financial Services Authority. SOCIEUM shelter packs launched. Laundry and shower vans secured. Private sale of the SOCM token begins alongside worldwide participation of blockchain events and contributor meetings. Strategic partnerships are signed.

Q4 Blockchain events and participants meetings continue to aid private SOCM token sales. SOCIEUM launches its public SOCM token sale.

Q1 The SOCIEUM ICO is concluded and audited by a high profile international auditing firm. portfolio of properties will be sourced to begin the first development cycle.

Q2 Assign government backed lease to the property portfolio. Partnerships and organisational structures will be enhanced to source brownfield development sites. 

Q3 Prepare to sell the property portfolio to REITs.

Q4 Conclude the sale of the property portfolio to REITs. First social housing development cycle completed for contributors.

Annual audit before the 2nd social housing development cycle begins.

Socieum News

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Token Supply

The SOCIEUM token (SOCM) will operate as a ERC-20 compliant utility token utilising Ethereum Smart Contracts.All wallets supporting ERC-20 compliant tokens, including Jaxx, and EthereumWallet can be used to store the SOCIEUM token (SOCM). The token sale will be conducted via a fully smart contract managed platform called TEROS. For more information on TEROS please visit

Public Main Sale

Stage 1 – 1st December 2018 – 31st December 2018
Discount 10%
Individual Contribution 1,000 SOCM
Stage 2 – 1st January 2019 – 31st January 2019
Discount 5%
Individual Contribution 100 SOCM

SOCM Token Details

Total Supply: 380,000,000 SOCM*
Total Tokens available for sale: 35,000,000 SOCM
Initial pricing: 1 SOCM = 1$ (USD main calculation currency)
Hard Cap: $35,000,000

*There is no dynamic hardcap increase. Unsold tokens will be burnt to ensure that there is no token surplus.
SOCIEUM will issue a total of 38,000,000 SOCM tokens for a Maximum cap of $35M.
The minimum cap for a successful funding round is $8M. If the minimum cap is not achieved all funds contributed will be returned to all participants.

  • Philanthropic Marketplace Pool345,000,000 SOCM*
  • Liquidity Pool for Marketplace1,500,000 SOCM
  • Advisors and Partners (with 12-month lockup)500,000 SOCM
  • Airdrops and Bounties1,000,000 SOCM
  • Pre-Sale (with 12-month lockup) cli_11,500,000 SOCM*
  • Public Sale (with 6-month lockup)23,500,000 SOCM

*Pre-Sale is dynamic on demand.
SOCM 1,500,000 of the total tokens shall be retained and distributed by the Issuer, SOCM 1,000,000 of which shall be distributed as ‘bounties’ and to power sales & marketing, and the SOCM executives & advisers, with the remaining SOCM 500,000 being subject to a lock-in period on their sale of 2years from the date of issuance, to align interests with all SOCM subscribers. The remaining SOCM 35,000,000 are distributed to all our articipants.

Partners and Members

ICO Consultant

Irish Legal Counsel

ICO Platform

Contact Us


Phone: +44 (0)330 577 5449

UK Address:

Kemp House 152 – 160
City Road

Maltese Address:

Level G (Office 1/1084)
Quantum House 75
Abate Rigord Street
Ta’ Xbiex XBX 1120